Our government had announced a lockdown past two months and all around the country, the employees are asked to practice Work From Home. However, few of the industries are resuming work with minimal staff except the typical IT corporates.

Even after the Covid-19 situation is contained, some of the IT groups are looking forward to practicing it on a normal basis.

Well, in this blog I shall breakdown the idea of   WFH situation and corporate culture. What’s more, I will cover the outcomes of employees doing WFH since the lockdown has been announced.

Let us also understand the important aspects of emotional health affecting employee performance in terms of productivity, business needs, and other conveniences while Working From Home.

Work From Home During Lockdown

The alternative workplace due to the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the norms of people working in companies and enacting business operations.

This non-traditional form of practice has led employees to spend more time on customers and sales targets rather than spending their time and energy on a typical office routine.

The rise in work flexibility empowers the employee to prioritize daily tasks and hence increase productivity. These days, employees have shifted from conference meetings to zoom meetings including telecommuting.

On the flip side of these potential benefits, the entire WFH situation resulting from the Corona fear is taking a U-turn. That is towards Emotional Illness.

In the current scenario, Work From Home is featuring social distancing, limited gatherings, and travel restrictions. Unless the employees are motivated by within, it is difficult to keep up work enthusiasm while working remotely.

Without social engagement, it becomes difficult to express everything digitally. This adversely results in work sickness or boredom. The valuable work flexibility gradually fades away into sadness and renders zero work satisfaction.

After Effects on Emotional Health of Employees Due to WFH

As we study the insights of WFH and Company culture during the lock-down, the negative impacts on emotional health become a matter of concern.

All the delicious perks of WFH, no longer amuse your emotional well being. The growing corona fear and psychic trauma paralyze us towards work and performance.

This makes us realize how important company culture is to keep our emotional energies through commuting and social interactions. It allows us to function as a team in the office compared to an isolated remote work environment.

Yes, company culture does have a role to play in our emotional wellbeing and there is no denial to it! It offers you the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills, interpersonal skills, host business operations, and a lot more.

In a nutshell, all of it foresters work satisfaction and becomes a sign of validation for you at the forefront of the company.

But as of now, we are bound to practice WFH and follow the lock-down guidelines. So let us understand the concept of “Minding Our Minds During WFH Amid the Corona-virus Pandemic.”

Minding Our Minds During WFH

Until we resume back to normalized life and routine, it is necessary to understand that WFH is for our own health and safety. As they say, “we are not staying home, we are staying safe.”

Having said that, our greatest responsibility lies in keeping ourselves and the members around us content and happy.

I have discovered the significant effects of EFT Tapping solutions that are helpful in curing emotional wounds. EFT Tapping is an emotional science to endure our emotional forces and stimulate the very energy driving our body.

It is a one-stop solution to problems like work-stress, sleep disorders, insomnia, headaches, migraine, anger issues, and so much more.

Final Words

I hope this blog becomes a wake up call for you to address your emotional disorders after a stressful day at work.

Even if a fraction of my audience finds EFT as valuable support to achieve emotional well being, my job is done to a larger extent!

Thank you for reading so far.

Stay tuned for more. Take Care!