The global impact of Covid-19 has been significantly disruptive in terms of economical consequences including psychological and emotional wellbeing. Being isolated at home in these unprecedented situations like Covid-19, have proven that our emotional well being is the key to inner peace, performance, and good health.

In mental health terms, new measures are introduced to deal with stress and anxiety resulting from the quarantine activities of people affecting their livelihood and daily routine.

In today’s blog, we will understand emotional health on a scientific basis and discuss the self-administrative therapy of EFT Tapping Points as a supportive solution to indulge in emotional well-being.

What is Emotional Well-being and How it was perceived before the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The meaning of emotional health refers to how we tune in with our internal feelings and thoughts to respond to any internal or external communication.

We need to understand that Emotional well-being doesn’t necessarily mean to be free from negative thoughts but to foster a resilient attitude in our day-to-day activities.

A sense of contentment, self-awareness, and endurance towards daily ups and downs eventually leads to good Emotional Health.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, people didn’t have the opportunity to be very much conscious of their thoughts and well-being. In my opinion, the primary reason behind it was — Time. People had been so caught up in their work routines to barely know about it or to take a pause and address it!

Now that they have been quarantined or self- isolated in their homes, it has become rational to talk about it. Apparently, they are getting to seek professional advice to deal with their emotional trauma.

But before we dig deep into solutions to build emotional health, let us know the overall impact of Covid-19 on our Emotional Well-being.

Impact of Covid-19 on Emotional Health

It is painful to put into words that the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has caused a serious hold in living a normalized life as in the past, abiding the new ‘norms’ of social distancing, Namaste greetings, and limited gatherings. Also, we comply to practice limited social engagement and more of virtual meetings to refrain ourselves from physical contact. 

The fear of the ever-present illness of Covid-19 complies to think about what is the future of human survival!  It makes us feel vulnerable and questions human extinction. 

Every popping news in the media about Coronavirus distracts us from our thought process and affects emotional wellbeing. It serves as a constant reminder of our vulnerability amid the outbreak. Given the current uncertainty, symptoms like worry, anxiety, stress, or eventually PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) knock us in the back of our minds.

As we all have shifted to WFH (work from home), it becomes difficult to manage both professional and family life, while staying home. 

Summing up to all of these sudden changes in daily routine creates a disruptive impact on our emotional health.

But the question lies in how do we cope with the rage of pricking emotions for the time being?

This is where EFT comes into the picture. It is Emotional Freedom Techniques. As the name suggests, it offers counseling through different tapping and acupressure techniques. 

These techniques support our clinical psychology to channelize our emotions and build a better energy system (our body). It lets us know how to access these solutions and play by your faculties to feel better.

What is EFT Tapping and How is it helpful?

EFT Tapping is an alternative treatment to get relief from painful feelings or emotional distress, performed deliberately to release the energy blockages. It is a science of body energy to stimulate the emotional state from the Pressure to Peace.

Most commonly referred to as psychological acupressure, EFT helps you to communicate with the emotional energy of your body by tapping points and sending signals to the brain. 

Moreover, the tapping techniques empower you to deal with your negative feelings of frustration, guilt, and anger carving a path to emotional fitness. 

This alternative energy medicine employs tapping motion on certain ‘meridian points’ of the body to get along with the ‘internal life forces’ that are responsible for our day to day performance, response, thoughts, and behavioral aspects.

Final Words

I really hope this blog sheds some light on the importance of emotional wellbeing and its learning techniques. I believe these techniques will help you address as well as express your back-seat emotions.

My motto for writing this blog is to convey people about the idea of EFT and its effectiveness. Having said that, we do not mean to substitute professional help/advice in terms of psychological or mental health. I recommend EFT only as a supportive solution to cultivate emotional fitness.

Stay tuned for more information on EFT Tapping. Also, do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Till then, stay healthy with mind and body!