One of my initial sessions was at my friend’s organization. I believe that productivity and efficiency are the two main factors behind a person’s growth. This session was organized for the employees to encourage them to work with great energy and efficiency while working from home.

During this session, I performed “gratitude” Tapping counts, which were followed by the group participants in the session. With these Tapping motions, we count on our blessings and things we are grateful for in life. It has helped them to become emotionally fit in the very unusual time of Covid-19. These techniques are very easy for them to practice on their own.


  • Improved Focus in Work
  • Help in Multi-Tasking Things at a Time
  • Improved Grasping Power
  • Act Responsible Towards Daily Ups and Down
  • Become Independent Towards Activities
  • Improved Management Skills
  • Work Consciously with Full-Stride
  • Prioritize Work

I highly recommend this session for all the business owners struggling due to the economic crisis as the aftermath of a lockdown situation. Moreover, they can explore the wonderful EFT techniques to achieve their business goals or simply make use of these times to focus on their emotional wellbeing.