My second session was undertaken for frontline warriors of the Covid-19 outbreak like caretakers, nurses, and doctors who dutifully work round the clock to protect our lives and serve us beyond their roles and responsibility.

In this situation, we used EFT Tapping to heal them from the constant emotional trauma of work stress, depression, and anxiety. These techniques empower them to address their emotional distress and enjoy calmness from within.


  • Reduce in Fatigue
  • Relief in Headache
  •  Become More Supportive while Taking Care of Elders
  • Perform Household Responsibilities with Great Energy
  • Breathe Rhythmically
  • Improve and Maintain Immunity Levels

I suggest doctors and nurses who are continuously exposed to the situation to join my session and experience commendable results. Moreover, practicing these techniques continuously will drive them on the path of loving and accepting oneself. It is highly beneficial for our Covid-19, warriors who feel extremely vulnerable by the Coronavirus fear and serve the patients with the utmost care.