As per the recent reports and a growing number of cases, the Covid-19 pandemic is not leaving us anytime soon. By the time the Government authorities announce the vaccine for Covid-19, we might be vulnerable to not only the Coronavirus but the drooping emotional stability as well.

And why not?

We were not prepared for it. We never know a situation like this can result in a long time pause in our daily routines. 

Now we are enforced to follow the new guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing, and restrictions on daily movements.

This crisis has hit us hard. Not only in terms of changed routines but have challenged our emotional energies. As much as physical factors, we are deeply grieving through the emotional trauma out of the Pandemic. Our emotional reactions such as sleep disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), sadness, boredom, inactiveness, depression, anxiety are unseen but felt. 

In this blog, instead of mourning about the Pandemic issues, we shall discuss the tips to take care of your emotional wellbeing after getting infected by Corona or prone to get infected (as we all are in some ways). We shall also shed light on practical measures one must take to endure their emotional health during the quarantine period.

Not Only Medical Care But Emotional Support Helps During Quarantine

Apart from taking your medical supply after getting infected by Corona, one has to deal with their emotional energies to not stress and be emotionally prepared for the situation.

We know it’s difficult to breed positive vibes while we are suffering through health issues. But if we don’t then we are just adding fuel to the fire!

The reason is if we are stressed out while being infected it directly impacts our recovery. The flooding anxious thoughts need to be addressed by external measures and consider it equally important as medical care. 

In a nutshell, emotional support works for a speedy recovery. Instead of curbing down our emotional insecurities, we need to communicate with our peers and seek emotional help. If that doesn’t work, we should not hesitate to consult professional help.

EFT Tapping is one of the self-administrative therapeutic methods to feel relieved and calm. Using EFT Tapping acupressure on the face you can chant the positive affirmations you want to send to the brain and body. These affirmations channelize your life energies into a focused direction seeking

Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health During Lockdown

As individuals, we need to adopt several tips to safeguard our mental health during the lockdown and new norms of Corona precautions.

I have shared a gist of ideas to establish your own ways to restore your mental health in the crisis.

  • Break Down Your Daily Routine – Plan your daily tasks be it personal or professional, in such a way that gives a sense of productivity to you. It also helps you to prioritize your work and focus more. One can be mobile among the surroundings, to work more sensibly, and feel energetic.
  • Limit Social Media and Media –

Restrict yourself with excessive use of news and media time to not avoid being fed with unnecessary information in your mind. A mind full of negative news and information cannot think efficiently and feels depressed.

  • Keep in Touch – Stay connected to your near and dear ones. Communicate with them often to know how they are doing and exchange your thoughts on your work, feelings, and other regular stuff. It will give you a sense of feeling that you’re not alone in this.
  • Enjoy Some ‘Me’ Time – There is no harm in cutting off yourself from all the things around you and listen to oneself. Find that ‘Me’ time in your busy schedule where you can indulge in one of your hobbies like painting, writing, reading, anything that makes your soul shine.
  • Focus on Your Health – The key to good health is to eat nutritious and healthy. Make sure you get a good amount of sleep and at the same time don’t sleep more than required or you may feel lethargic throughout the day. Exercise or do yoga during the week to stay fit and burnout excess calories in your body.
  • Indulge into Remote Fun-Activities – Fight your boredom with daily does of some fun activities or games. You can also learn new things during this crucial period and make time for things you always wanted to do.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this blog helped you to understand the importance of mental and emotional health during the quarantine. 

Do add these activities in your lockdown routine to make it more fun and enthusiastic.

For more information on emotional support and well-being during quarantine reach me out now!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!