My next session was for the Group of old people from the US. Most of the participants were senior citizens enjoying the latter half of their life in doing prayers, bhakti, and yoga. Still, I acknowledged their physical pain points in daily routine and their emotional life energies.

During the session, I explained the benefits of doing EFT tapping points and acupressure techniques as a daily routine. Depending on their emotional concerns, I advised them to practice a given technique on a daily basis to get rid of the emotional pains. They were happy to note it down as a Tapping script for reference in the future. Moreover, some of them click pictures of tapping points during the session which showed their interest.

I advised them to follow EFT Tapping therapy during prayers and gain relief from the emotional trauma.

Some of the participants thought to accompany this practice during prayers so that they can focus their mind on the present rather than continuously thinking else. These practices will not only help in dealing emotionally but also increase blood circulation across the body making you feel more energetic and alive. These Tapping motions with fingertips across the face and body help them to address it and seek calmness from inside.


  • Become Calm and Relaxed
  • Improved Blood Circulation for Physical Pain
  • Relief in Anxiety
  • Powerful During Prayers
  • Increase Awareness
  • Focus Your Mind into Now
  • Emotional Healing for Stress
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns

I suggested all of them to practice it on a regular basis like during prayers and feel calmed. Moreover, practicing these techniques will lead you to loving and accepting oneself in these uncertain times. It is highly effective for Old Age groups, as they are extremely vulnerable to the outbreak and need the utmost care and attention. Well, this is one of the therapeutic methods to do without any medicines, particularly for old age.