This time I took a session for the Community care center. A group of people had sleep issues and emotional challenges in the time of Pandemic.

They were highly depressed about the constant news in the media about increasing corona cases and got distracted from the work routine.
During the session, I performed a lot of different acupressure techniques on the face and hand to deal with stress, anxiety, and continuous thoughts in the mind leading to insomnia. The best thing is that the participants were inspired to practice it on a regular basis to get the benefits of it.


  • Helped in Emotional Stability
  • Increase in Concentration Power
  • Heal on Anxiety Issues
  •  Sleep Better
  • Improved Work Efficiency
  • Forgive Oneself in Mistakes

It was indeed a wonderful experience to make use of the right EFT therapies and share them on a larger front. The results are truly overwhelming to be followed in the long run. I would suggest everyone experience the session at least once to understand the emotional status and explore the health benefits of EFT.