The fourth session was conducted for the Police department who are working day and night without a break. It is also one of the communities that are highly exposed to Corona and fighting foremost. The Police staff abide by the preventive measures and supervise the civilians if they follow the lock-down guidelines. I want to express sincere gratitude and respect towards their work in the line of duty.

During the session, I taught them certain tapping points on the face to get relief from headaches, emotional pressure, and most importantly Corona’s fear. These EFT techniques can be performed almost anytime and anywhere in between the break during the duty or after the duty.


  • Keep Calm On Duty
  • Experience Relaxation
  • Be Emotionally Stable
  •  Improve Immunity
  •  Embrace Their Life
  • Be Grateful for their Line of Duty
  • Have Work-Life Balance

The sessions help to combat major negative feelings rising out of the unprecedented situation growing to fear. In this continuous state of Corona fear while on duty, EFT becomes your supporting guide to stay mentally and emotionally fit.