I organized a Tapping session for school going, kids. These kids belong to the age group of 14-17. As all of us are isolated at home including children, it is equally important for kids to address their emotional process in the lock-down environment. The earlier they are, the better!

Moreover, kids face unique problems of pressure in studies and suffer to cope up for the time being. Using these tapping solutions, they learn to love, forgive, and approve themselves in any kind of situation to perform actively. It offers them to learn the best lessons for the future in terms of self-care and emotional health.


  • Learn to Process Their Emotions at an Early Stage in Life
  • Study with Focus
  • Manage Anger Issues
  • Forgive Oneself in Mistakes
  • Increase in Memory Power

After this session, they practiced the tapping steps repeatedly and sent a video which was quite interesting to see. I am truly thankful to EFT techniques which work wonders for all community members from students, doctors, elders to police staff.