This session was again conducted for our COVID warriors. The police department deals with a severe amount of emotional stress and pressure of work while being on duty, amid the lock-down.

During the session, I practiced choosing love over Covid fear through my Tapping lessons. I allowed them to practice and master it so that they can perform on their own in the time of need. Police staff can boost their energy levels inside to tackle distress caused by day to day incidents in their line of work.


  • Deal with Anger Issues
  • Experience Calmness
  • Be Emotionally Stable
  • Improve Immunity System
  • Have a Work-Life Balance
  • Tackle with Daily Challenges
  •  Address Emotional Health

The sessions help to combat negative emotions and reduce the cortisol level by 41% just by Tapping for 15 mins. In this continuous state of Corona fear, EFT serves as a blessing to relief and care towards their emotional well being. A daily practice of 10-15 minutes can help to stay emotionally fit.