My next session with none other than the Sanitizing Company namely It is the first company in Vadodara who started sanitizing the offices and other properties during the corona virus pandemic. I feel that the people undertaking the cleaning work are equally at risk as to front line warriors like Doctors and Police.

My Tapping sessions helped them to be encouraged in doing their jobs. As I received their feedback, the immediate result came from one of the participants that she had a headache and was relaxed after 5-7 mins of Tapping meditation. I got to know that they experienced positive vibes and the stress of doing the ob in corona virus was literally diminished.


  • Relief in Headache
  • Feel Relaxed
  • Work with Full-Energy
  • Effectively Manage the Workload
  • Act with Total Involvement
  • Reduced Corona Fear

They wished to practice tapping movements on a regular basis. After all, they are humankind and they do suffer from Corona fear while doing the cleaning job. In such a condition, anxiety continuously affects their mind and emotional health which was treated at its best.