Once again, I conducted the not so ordinary tapping session for the Police department. Our Police community is continuously working dutifully on the front line, since the start of this outbreak. They look after the public following lock-down guidelines and strictly abide by the rule of law.

During the session, I performed a few of the face tapping techniques to experience relief from a rough day, emotional ache, work pressure, and most Corona fear. These EFT techniques can be performed anytime throughout the day to get some instant relief.


  • Stress Relief While On Duty
  • Become Emotionally Fit
  • Stimulate Internally Energy
  • Be Grateful for their Work
  • Keep Work-Life Balance
  • Headache Relief

I had a very satisfying experience in the entire session. I feel glad to see that my EFT techniques are showing incredible benefits to stay emotionally fit. In this continuous state of Corona fear, EFT  has proven itself to fight it well.